Frequent face-to-face coaching sessions are critical for any global salesforce, yet the options for live sessions are difficult and clumsy. In-person sessions are a logistical and financial challenge while online options typically don’t address the needs of a sales force. Video conferencing platforms often suffer from poor audio-video quality, unknown data-privacy policies and lack of integration with your organization’s sales structure. A virtual coaching platform should be more than a generic communication tool – it should understand coaching and provide insights about your organization’s performance goals. Indegene’s LiVECoach is a one of its kind platform that helps increase the frequency and effectiveness of your remote coaching sessions.




  • Option to conduct 1:1 sessions as well as 1:many sessions (up to a maximum of 12 participants in a single session)

  • Share documents and slide decks with participants on screen

  • Best-in-class audio-video streaming technology for laptops, desktops, and iPads that works well over both 4G mobile and Wi-Fi internet networks

  • Customizable scorecards for measuring employee performance in each session

  • Reports to track progress across all KPIs over time

  • Ready for enterprise integration including SAML single sign-on

  • Live polls

  • No install or plugins needed for WebRTC browsers (Chrome, Firefox & Opera)

  • Compatible with IE8+ via browser plugin and iOS 8+ via Native iPad app

  • Integration with third-party calendars including Outlook and iOS Mail

  • Strict privacy of your confidential data


Live Video Sessions



Live Polls


Customizable Scorecards