Virtual Meeting

Deliver Productive Meetings Every Time at a Fraction of Cost

In today’s tough economic times and crunching budgets, speaker programs are in decline due to cost, regulations, and access to healthcare professionals' (HCPs) scheduling complexities, time, and geographic constraints. HCPs prefer greater flexibility to attend programs that better align to their schedule, view these programs using a multitude of media, and listen to external experts irrespective of the location.

With the limitations of live meetings, continuously evolving technologies are replacing physical meetings into virtual events. The convenience, increased productivity, and cost savings of hosting virtual events make them an inevitable replacement for physical events.

Remote Detailing Platform

Traditional methods of detailing are no longer as effective as they once were. Pharmaceutical companies face mounting challenges where HCPs are busier than ever and so are reps. Furthermore, the current detailing methods do not provide physicians with information that they value when they want it.

Indegene's innovative remote detailing capabilities allows the rep to engage physicians with live video chat, slides, screen sharing, and push resources, creating a nearly in-person presentation while tracking analytics specific to individual HCPs and connects it to your CRM.

Unique Remote Detailing Capabilities

Benefits of Indegene Remote Detailing


  • Increase ability to reach busy HCPs who are technology-friendly

  • Increase the contact time with HCPs

  • Minimize travel, but maintain the ability to contact remote territories

  • Expand detailing time and improve recall of delivered messages

  • Extend the sales conversation with e-detailing—longer than face-to-face detailing

Indegene LiveCentral vs. WebEx

Virtual Speaker Platform

Advances in technology allow virtual presentations to be made in a way that maximizes all participants’ time and involvement in a program. Access to subject matter experts for in-person events is also becoming increasingly difficult due to new regulations that curtail the potential for conflicts of interest between doctors and pharmaceutical companies.

Indegene’s virtual speaker platform is a scalable and robust platform that allows HCPs to participate in programs convened by other medical professionals. These programs are delivered through a combination of video conferencing and slides with built-in moderator controls, instant messaging, and audience engagement content.


Benefits of a Virtual Speaker Platform:


  • Eliminate Travel Costs: Meeting virtually eliminates cost of airfare, hotels, meals, car rentals, etc. and can result in saving thousands of dollars each year.

  • Increase Participation: People can attend virtual events from anywhere in the world, and if they can't make the live event, they can still benefit from the recorded content later.

  • Valuable Analytics: Virtual conferences offer analytics that cannot be typically gathered accurately in a physical event. You can see, for example, which sessions attendees watched, which virtual booths they visited, what resources they downloaded from booths, and with whom they spoke.

  • Networking Opportunities: Participants also had the chance to network and speak with each other in discussion forums, sharing and learning from each other’s experiences.