Brand Promotion Solutions

Ubiquitous, Distributed, Integrated Engagement With Customers

Brand/product managers and marketing executives can now focus on bringing their plans and ideas to life rather than orchestrating multiple vendors and technologies. Indegene integrates the necessary content, operations, channels, and data analytics while working effectively with existing assets and Agencies of Record. Our programs combine digital and traditional channels for maximum impact, optimal mix, and high ROI.

Brand and product teams have used our solutions to complement existing sales force promotion, to cover white space and gray space, to manage SoV during important events such as a launch or LoE, and to expand reach to new audiences. Indegene offers a full range of digital and traditional channels under a single roof to help develop an optimized mix that is effective, scalable, and economical. Channels we can deliver include self-directed detailing, e-detailing, e-mail, web, mobile, tablet, live video-detailing, tele-detailing, tele-services, and multichannel sampling.

The solutions are executed using Indegene’s in-house medical and communications expertise, global infrastructure such as contact centers and service centers, and proprietary technology platforms such as Aptilon™, Phynyx™, SampleHQ™, and MeetingHQ™.


Delivering 3 Success Factors



  • Ubiquitous: Multichannel marketing (MCM) programs that can be quickly and easily launched across multiple tactics and channels to syndicate fragmented healthcare professional (HCP) audiences and achieve broad reach into the target list

  • Distributed: Cost-effectively repurpose existing strategy, messaging, and promotional assets and optimize their impact across multiple tactics and channels

  • Integrated: Integrate personal and non-personal channels into a single MCM campaign to enhance HCP experience and increase reach, frequency, and impact of campaigns by capturing interaction data to improve response and trigger follow-up actions across all channels.

Our dedicated team of experts, who themselves have been practitioners in the industry, work with brand teams to customize unique solutions based on sales, marketing, and customer needs. The combination of Indegene’s people, methodologies, infrastructure, and technology platforms then bring the programs to life while delivering on all the 3 key success factors.  

Client Benefits


  • Deploy full range of digital and traditional channel capabilities

  • Experience in local, regional, and global capability development and deployment

  • Smooth and timely execution with a single partner