Simplified Multichannel Data and Performance Management

Indegene’s ChannelHQ™ suite of multichannel data and performance management technologies provides a backbone to simplify aggregation of interaction data for consistent measurement, analysis, and optimization of healthcare professional (HCP) communications in all the commonly used channels. Today, novel technologies being deployed across the spectrum from office visits to remote to digital communications are generating volumes of data on the multichannel HCP interactions. However, integrating the data from all interactions consistently is complex, requiring complicated technology interventions, data cleansing effort, and ongoing resources. In addition, beyond just data aggregation, the value of performance management is rarely realized, causing potentially wasted spends and unclear returns from the various channels.

ChannelHQ DataCentral™ is deployed by organizations to simplify aggregation of interaction data from any number of HCP communication channels delivered by any insourced or outsourced infrastructure. ChannelHQ DataCentral™ also makes interaction data available back to the infrastructure for their own use in campaign orchestration, personalization of touch points and content, and many other purposes such as campaign reporting. ChannelHQ PerformanceManager™ enables the use of a consistent “waterfall” taxonomy of performance measures to analyze the data for performance of any customer groups or channels, to derive deeper analytical insights, and ultimately to facilitate decision making on optimization of channel mix.

Client Benefits


  • Easily collect data from field, remote, and digital interactions

  • Standardize data collection from interactions provided by any insourced or outsourced infrastructure, or by Indegene

  • Measure and analyze performance using a consistent taxonomy of metrics across brands, markets, and programs

  • Optimize performance across channels