Indegene Enterprise Mobility Services

The increasing influence of mobile revolution presents new opportunities for life sciences organizations to improve operational efficiencies while achieving a competitive advantage, realizing business goals, and enhancing their relationship with providers and customers while saving valuable dollars. The intuitiveness of today’s mobile/tablets and the customized delivery of interactive content, will positively transform the way companies engage with their stakeholders.

Implementing and maintaining hundreds of disparate apps and redundant information across multiple platforms, users, and brands is not a feasible long-term strategy. Instead, deploying mobility solutions that are designed with enterprise benefits and which can be intuitively adapted to several brands and teams is more important. Adoption of mobility across the enterprise calls for strategic implementation of appropriate infrastructure, application architecture, security management, device, and content management.

To address the current needs of life sciences for adopting mobility, Indegene leverages its deep pharma stakeholder experience across content, creative, technology and analytics to offer enterprise app framework solutions encompassing modular, standardize and integrated approach to CLM, sales training, physician and patient engagement, and more. The enterprise mobility framework allows clients to assess and deploy mobility solutions intelligently across multiple brands and teams.