Enterprise Solutions

Modular. Scalable. Global.

Indegene's Enterprise MCM Solutions consist of service and technology modules for multichannel marketing (MCM) that are designed to easily build on and integrate with existing marketing and commercial operations infrastructure.

Enterprise MCM Solutions help to build new, upgrade, and operate shared MCM services across content development, day-to-day operations, channel capabilities, and data management and analytics. This enables our clients to transform their approach to MCM across a particular product portfolio or even across the entire enterprise, locally, regionally, and globally. Enterprise MCM Solutions have shown to dramatically transform cost structure of MCM deployment, drive scale, and increase revenues to enhance ROIs from MCM campaigns.

Delivering Modular Enterprise MCM Capabilities


Impactful, credible, accurate and engaging content is crucial for customer engagement. Indegene leverages in-house medical and marketing communications content development experts to develop innovative and powerful content for Pharmaceutical and medical device products at various stages of the life cycle. Indegene’s global content development process is designed for maximum efficiency, reutilization, and portability such that content can be leveraged across any channel and in multiple languages and locales. This enables Indegene clients to build robust multi-channel marketing programs to drive sales and marketing goals, generate revenues and enhance ROI.

Channel Capabilties

Indegene enables Pharmaceutical and medical device organizations to effectively interact and engage customer groups through multiple communication channels. Channels Indegene has supported include several traditional and novel ones, including tele/voice, email, web, mobile, and remote live engagement. Channels are supported by industry leading technology platforms provided by Indegene, as well highly trained resources in multiple geographic locations including the United States, European region, China, Latin America, and Asia/Australia. Indegene has provided such channel solutions at both enterprise and brand/franchise levels. The expert MCM team utilizes a robust analytics and commercial strategy approach to guide brand/franchise teams in deploying the right combination of channels for a customer program –depending on the brand strategy, brand’s unique needs and challenges, program type, HCP profile and other relevant factors.


Indegene enables operationalization of MCM enterprise channel capabilities or brand/franchise multichannel campaigns on a global basis. Supported by robust methodologies and execution protocols, as well as local staffing in multiple regions of the world, Indegene provides support ranging from coordination and execution, development and harmonization of business rules, to training and change management.

Data Management And Analytics

Indegene provides data management services to generate actionable insights to support client decisions in multichannel programs. With robust modelling techniques, Indegene conducts detailed analyses of multichannel marketing activities by tracking and analyzing customer data across channels. Indegene has significant experience in running a multichannel data warehouse for in house campaigns, which has helped unlock significant value for clients by facilitating tuning of channel and content investments for maximum returns. Now Indegene is able to bring this value to client run multichannel warehouses by helping support: CLM analytics, brand program analytics, and commercial analytics.