Indegene PatComm™

Bridging the Knowledge Gap

Indegene PatComm helps build effective patient communication solutions aiming to address the knowledge and information gaps pertaining to disease awareness, medication adherence, and chronic disease management, as well as to improve health outcomes among patients.

Key Business Outcomes


  • Building and deploying highly engaging and effective patient education campaigns

  • Creating an improved patient understanding about the disease or therapy

  • Facilitating improved patient outcomes

Impactful, engaging, and outcome-driven, these patient education campaigns are conceptualized and delivered based on the patient needs, aiming to improve outcomes through multiple channels of engagement including social media, offline activities, print, videos, mobile apps, etc. With deep experience across over 50 different clinical areas, including Oncology, Diabetology, Rheumatoid arthritis, Respiratory, Dermatology, etc., Indegene is uniquely positioned to improve health outcomes. Indegene PatCom™ is backed by a team of copy writers, creative visualizers, and clinical and life science specialists, as well as the patient adherence platform Optimax, to successfully execute patient education programs.