Indegene Training Academy™

Certify, train, and engage your team like never before.

Indegene provides cutting-edge training solutions for pharma sales force across the world. Built on Indegene’s robust and flexible Learning Management System, the Indegene Training Academy™ offers a rich, interactive, and engaging learning experience.

Designed to be an easy-to-navigate platform with multiple activities and knowledge checks seamlessly blended within the learning modules, it offers a self-paced predesigned curriculum based on Indegene’s comprehensive understanding of Anatomy, Physiology, Clinical Pharmacology, Clinical Primers, and Disease States.

The platform supports a variety of different SCORM-compliant custom course content to make the Academy experience richer in addition to a host of exciting collaboration features, like Discussion Forum, Ask Academy, Resource Bank, and FAQs.

Navigate through the Academy for a unique and differentiated experience by accessing*

User name: Indegene
Password: welcome




  • Rich, interactive, and engaging learning experience

  • Easy-to-navigate, self-paced predesigned curricula

  • Pre- and post-learning assessments, leading to Academy Certification

  • Cost-effective alternative to classroom-based training

  • Complete end-to-end Enterprise Pharma-focused Training Academy

  • Insights and analytics