Integrations and IVR

For life sciences companies, nothing is more fundamental to business success than bringing drugs and medical devices to market rapidly and efficiently. Efficient management of clinical trial data is critical to that success. Clinical trial data provides the basis for submission, approval, labeling, and marketing of any compound or device. Now, as life sciences and device manufacturers work to streamline their operations, clinical trials are increasingly outsourced to Contract Research Organizations (CROs). But the ability to integrate and exchange data seamlessly has proven to be challenging for both sponsor companies and their CRO partners.

Traditionally, biopharmaceutical companies have employed various information technology solutions in order to accelerate the clinical trial process, manage data, and minimize costs. The most widely used solutions are Clinical Data Management Systems (CDMS), Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS), Electronic Data Capture (EDC), Drug Supply Management Systems (DSMS), and Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVRS). Although these systems offer many logistical and commercial benefits, they would be more effective and efficient if they can share information with each other. Sponsors and site managers must devote hours every day to keep the different systems synchronized.

Indegene offers the life sciences companies the necessary expertise to achieve scalability, streamlined integration and data mapping, improved data quality, and flexible data management.

One of the reasons that data integration seems so daunting is that many companies think it requires a one-shot, Big Bang approach. Instead, if data integration is approached incrementally, it's more likely to succeed.

We will work with you to create a roadmap and strategy for integrating current and future systems with focus on achieving ROI along the way.