Live or virtual training sessions facilitated by an instructor to reinforce key concepts, interact with SMEs, verbalize key messages, practice customer interaction etc.  
Indegene’s talent pool comprises of world-class instructional designers and instructors that develop engaging and interactive solutions and games. These are meant for live workshops in addition to virtual ones.


Indegene’s Workshop Deliverables


  • Facilitator Decks

  • Leader’s Guide

  • Participant Guides

  • Objection Handling Cards

  • Observation Forms

  • Scenario Cards

  • Role Play Cards

  • Interactive Games

  • Virtual Learning Sessions

  • Flipped Classroom Approaches


Wide Gamut of Experience


  • New product launch

  • Product and Disease State Key Concepts

  • Pre-call Planning

  • Marketing Tools and Resources

  • Handling Customer Objections and Concerns

  • Competitive landscape review

  • Account management

  • Portfolio selling

  • Soft Skills

  • Selling Certification



Client Benefits


  • SMEs with a deep domain knowledge

  • Immediate resolution to queries

  • Greater understanding of the concepts by the reps

  • Interactive and engaging solutions

  • Learning through real-life scenarios and role plays