Medical Affairs

Gain access to specialized medical services

Indegene’s Extended Enterprise Models help organizations achieve their strategic goals in the Medical Affairs domain. Indegene supports the Medical Affairs divisions of several leading life sciences companies, with a proven track record of successful partnerships.

A comprehensive suite of medical services are provided throughout the lifecycle of a product through cost-effective and flexible delivery models. Processes and workflows are seamlessly integrated with the requirements of the sponsor’s standard operating procedures (SOPs) and working practices, and in accordance with the industry and regulatory medical writing practices across the globe.

The medical writers come with advanced degrees in life sciences and experience in clinical practice, research, academia, and medical services from a pharmaceutical industry perspective. In addition to therapy area and scientific expertise, most of the medical writers are experienced in writing publication and non-promotional scientific content. All the writers are trained on best practices in medical writing, including fair balance, appropriate referencing of scientific messages, avoidance of plagiarism, and adherence to medical writing workflows.

The Extended Enterprises provide a unique blend of both onshore and offshore presence and capabilities.


Client Benefits


  • Dedicated scientific partner to life sciences companies with extensive expertise in medical services, offering a large pool of trained, efficient, and quality-driven medical resources.

  • Established credibility in executing shared service models for a variety of medical writing deliverables, including publications, medical content for scientific engagement/training, medical information, and medical review services.

  • Highly flexible and scalable customer-centric approach offering a unique Hybrid Global Delivery Model to deliver cost, time, and local expertise advantages.

  • Deeply invested in Technology—10 patented IPs and highly innovative technology platforms as well as tools to drive efficiency and standardization across service lanes.

Scientific Engagement

Engaging customers as part of medical affairs strategy is becoming more challenging because of evolving needs of customers and an increasingly restrictive regulatory environment. Indegene has provided clients with innovative solutions that combine technology, creativity, and scientific content to engage the scientific community. LEARN MORE.

Scientific Services

Demands for scientific services such as medical information and medical review are influenced by market and internal triggers, and many clients seek flexible, scalable models that can produce high-quality outputs, while accommodating fluctuating workloads. LEARN MORE.

Scientific Content and Strategy

Indegene has a standing record of developing scientific content aligned to medical affairs strategy for more than 15 years. The writers are proficient at understanding individual and corporate needs through scientific content and have delivered several accredited CME programs, scientific dossiers, training curricula, and peer-reviewed publications. LEARN MORE.