Medical coding and writing

Medical coding

Indegene's medical coding team uses the MedDRA and WHO-DD dictionaries. We work extensively on medical coding applications such as RAVE Auto-Coder, TMS, DS Navigator, etc. The team has extensive experience in clinical data management systems such RAVE, OC TMS, Inform, and Clintrial.

Medical writing

Clinical research is inherited with medical writing. We work in close co-ordination with the biostatistical, project, and clinical data management teams. This ensures efficient and cost-effective deliveries with higher standards of clinical research. Our Medical Writers team embed with your team and are very flexible with the scope, leveraging their expertise to ensure seamless clinical data management with accuracy of the drug trial and patient safety. Our experts hold enormous knowledge, experience, and qualification in the industry. Quality standards of the entire cycle of clinical research are handled at upmost priority.