Effective Medical Meetings With Less Spends

Indegene’s MeetingHQ™ technology platform enables virtual medical meetings between healthcare professionals (HCPs) and a range of presenters, including expert speakers and educators, nurse educators, and trainers. Medical meetings, events, and trainings are an important source of information for HCPs. As real-world meeting budgets have continued to come under pressure, the need to take advantage of novel virtual technologies and deliver effective, innovative virtual meetings has never been greater. However, most technologies do not effectively support multiple speakers and moderators and cannot handle the compliance controls necessary before, during, and after the meeting.

MeetingHQ MeetingCentral™ enables effective virtual medical meetings by supporting up to a dozen simultaneous speakers, with seamless video streaming and slide sync. Audience polling, slide preview, and moderator management are integrated. Pre-meeting and post-meeting activities, such as resource publications, speaker directory, and events calendar/registration, are also available in a single interface that can be accessed through any desktop or mobile device. MeetingHQ ControlsManager™ provides pre-meeting, post-meeting, and during meeting content controls such as accepting attendees in only from allowed countries or regions, making resources available to attendees or speakers based on country-level approval status, and other similar compliance requirements.


Client Benefits


  • Extend engagement with speakers/educators before, during, and after meetings

  • Deploy compliance controls easily

  • Conduct medical meetings effectively and cost-effectively