Multichannel Marketing

Simplify, Optimize, and Integrate Multiple Channels

Indegene is a leader in delivering customer engagement solutions to the life sciences industry in several major markets across the globe. We partner with brand/product marketing, sales, service, and medical functions to advance their capabilities to engage healthcare professionals in multiple traditional and novel channels of communication. Such capabilities have proven to improve reach and frequency, increase customer access, augment sales, enhance marketing campaigns, and achieve higher proximity for medical and customer service teams. These initiatives enable the biopharmaceutical industry to evolve new commercial and customer engagement models, in an environment where customer access is changing fundamentally while customers expect content and services to be available in all possible live, remote, and digital channels.

Deep Expertise: Indegene has practitioners with years of experience working in the industry, who are deeply knowledgeable about the nuances of several channels of customer engagement including field reps, tele, e-mail, sampling, web, mobile, and social media.

Innovative Software: Indegene's Omnipresence suite of engagement software addresses gaps in coverage and HCP experience left behind by typical CRM + CLM + MCM softwares today. Indegene’s Big Data driven data management and analytics software powers next generation optimization without the heavy cost and resource burdens imposed by traditional data warehouse approaches.

Global Infrastructure and Operational Excellence: Indegene has the in-house infrastructure to support initiatives in all major markets of the world. These include ISO-certified operations and multiple large operational centers in the United States, Canada, India, and China to ensure reliability, cost-effectiveness, and real-world success in the most complex programs. 


Client Benefits


  • Full range of digital and traditional channel capabilities

  • Experience in local, regional, and global capability development and deployment

  • Modular enterprise solutions that fit into the existing infrastructure

  • End-to-end MCM solutions for brand programs

  • Cost-effective approach to content development

  • Channel integration for improved customer experience

Brand Promotion

Brand/product managers and marketing executives can now focus on bringing their plans and ideas to life rather than orchestrating multiple vendors and technologies. Indegene integrates the necessary content, operations, channels, and data analytics while working effectively with existing assets and AORs. Our programs combine digital and traditional channels for maximum impact, optimal mix, and high ROI. LEARN MORE.

Enterprise MCM

Central teams and Centers of Excellence can now build, upgrade, and operate shared MCM services on a global basis. Indegene brings together scalable and proven technologies, global operating infrastructure with local support in multiple markets, and rich experience in the industry that can truly help scale MCM best practices across the enterprise. Our programs are modular and designed to easily build-on and integrate with existing marketing and commercial operations infrastructure. LEARN MORE.

Medical on-Demand

Medical functions can now provide HCPs innovative and instant access to medical resources. Indegene has experience with many kinds of medical resources including medical education, med info, and virtual or hybrid MSLs. Our programs deliver rich customer experiences within a stringently compliant environment in which everything is auditable, and which helps unlock the value from large existing investments in expensive medical resources. LEARN MORE.


Indegene's Campaign360 platform provides the infrastructure for enabling digital HCP communication campaigns, with easy and cost effective implementation of any strategy for any product life stage with any content.

Self-directed interactive details for web and mobile devices, and rep-directed e-details for all leading industry platforms and devices. We deliver engaging formats, impactful creative, accurate medical content in most major therapeutic areas and languages, best practices driven development, and multichannel data integration.

E-mail communications with HCPs in standalone or integrated campaigns, adhering to global and local regulatory guidelines. We deliver a truly global database of almost 2 million HCPs collated from both proprietary databases and third party permission based sources, content and creative development in multiple languages, email scripting, layouts, and HTML integration that is compatible with multiple devices and global ISPs, and multichannel data integration. Our flexible solutions support HCP e-mail communications in enterprise, rep directed, event based, and integrated brand campaigns. Indegene’s Campaign360 platform provides the infrastructure for enabling HCP email communication campaigns, with easy and cost effective implementation of any strategy for any product life stage with any content.

Indegene’s LiveCentral™ enables remote engagements in a scalable, secure and end-to-end environment in 40+ countries across the globe. LEARN MORE ABOUT LIVECENTRAL™

Empowering executor reps and orchestrators to do more than just email and cobrowse. Indegene’s FieldCentral™ fully integrates field professionals with all other multi point relationships. LEARN MORE ABOUT FIELDCENTRAL™

Enabling HCP-centric virtual interactions for schedulers, extenders, and service reps. Indegene's LivePlanner™ facilitates appointment scheduling, lead finding, vacancy coverage and other scenarios that seamlessly bring together these resources with field, remote, and digital activities. LEARN MORE ABOUT LIVEPLANNER™