Easy Multichannel Campaign Infrastructure

Indegene’s PhynyxHQ™ platform provides the infrastructure for enabling multichannel healthcare professional (HCP) communication campaigns in the e-mail, web/mobile, voice/tele, fax, and messaging channels. Communications with HCPs using such novel channels have increased rapidly in recent years. While many technologies are available to set up and orchestrate these campaigns, most of the technologies are not optimized for HCP communications and require extensive configuration, ongoing maintenance, and enhancement to be able to work with nondigital channels such as voice/tele or fax. This infrastructure cannot feasibly support multichannel programs for products or markets with limited budgets and time-bound priorities.

PhynyxHQ CampaignCentral™ is deployed by biopharmaceutical sales, marketing, service, as well as medical functions to execute multichannel campaigns using the content developed by Indegene or other providers and agencies. Campaigns can incorporate e-mails, self-directed e-details, mobile informational apps, phone-based or fax-based communications, video content such as MOA or KOL videos, e-Congresses, closed-group social media, e-books, and service requests, eg, medical journal reprint requests.

Client Benefits


  • Deliver relevant medical information and product communications in an HCP-centric manner, to support any strategy at any stage of the product life-cycle.

  • Integrate commonly used communication channels, with easy-to-setup sequential, trigger-based, or other rules-driven campaigns

  • Easily incorporate any existing or new content developed by Indegene or third parties with minimal reinvestment

Client Stories