Scientific Content and Strategy

Leverage Indegene's clinical capability with technical skillset, to deliver high standards in medical writing

Indegene has a standing record of developing scientific content aligned to medical affairs strategy for more than 15 years. The writers are proficient at understanding individual and corporate needs through scientific content and have delivered several accredited CME programs, scientific dossiers, training curricula, and peer-reviewed publications. A majority of the medical reviewers bring their direct publication experience and insight to all medical writing programs. The writers are committed to the highest standards of medical writing governance, including avoidance of plagiarism, copyright, document draft management, and authorship of scientific publications. Active R&D in alternate communication channels and technologies also enables Indegene to leverage technology in the delivery of scientific content.

Indegene's suite of service offerings include:


  • Publication Planning:

    • Gap analyses

    • Target congress/journal selection

  • Publication Plan Execution:

    • Medical writing

    • Editorial services (formatting and language optimization)

    • Project management (coordination of author comments, document routing, and author declarations)

  • Engaging Scientific Content:

    • Development of scientific content with instructional design principles

    • Planning and execution of medical education programs

    • Enhancement of existing content into different formats (eg, static to interactive and print to digital)

    • Adoption of technology to enhance impact and reach of scientific content