Session: Future-Proofing Your Medical Affairs Organization

Session: Future-Proofing Your Medical Affairs Organization

Healthcare continues to transform at a rapid pace across the globe. In many ways it is a perfect storm of change. There are profound trends that are driving change from global resource constraints to aging populations and the rise of chronic illnesses, to increasing consumer engagement, to broad technology disruption and innovation. The strategic imperative for healthcare providers and industry alike, is to navigate the ecosystem effectively and with purpose to drive better patient outcomes while maintaining a viable economic foundation. Healthcare industry organizations whether it be pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostics, or others, will survive and indeed “win” when they not only understand the dynamic ecosystem but also use their science and technology acumen to drive innovations in partnership with key customers to inform the solutions that ultimately get delivered to patients. Medical Affairs teams are in the perfect position to lead this change and be an integral part of the strategic infrastructure of a company bringing medical/scientific data-driven value to the company’s success.

24 MAR 2020
Virtual Meeting

Learning Objectives

Identify the major trends and drivers in healthcare affecting Medical Affairs Organizations

Translate the implications of these trends to Medical Affairs Organizations

Apply a strategic planning process to support the value of Medical Affairs Organizations


Sameer Lal
Sameer Lal
Senior Vice President, Business Development