Webinar: The Metaverse - What it means for life sciences companies

You have probably heard about “the metaverse”.  It is being touted as the next iteration of the internet and as a big game-changer for businesses with the rise in the usage of mobile devices. It is poised to change the way we see healthcare, as well.  

In this webinar, we will discuss what is the metaverse and the security concerns around it. We will also talk about a solution we are calling a “private metaverse” - how we can leverage this exceptional technology to allow people to come together and interact in a shared immersive, virtual space. We will discuss the use cases (including training/L&D applications, HCP education, and patient education/experience) today, and what the roadmap looks like (including business development, detailing, conferences, and more) tomorrow.  

Join us for this exciting discussion about how we can create Future Ready Healthcare today. 

31 May 2022
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM ET

What we will explore

What does metaverse mean? How can we leverage this technology compliantly?

What are the immediate use cases for metaverse in pharma?

What are the neuroscience-based reasons that make metaverse impactful?


Liberty Clearwater​
Liberty Clearwater​
Lead – Business Development and Customer Success, Learning & Development Solutions, Indegene