As Acquia’s Bronze Solution Partner, we support Drupal development and integration and bring your digital experience to life.

We are Adobe’s Bronze Solution Partner across digital marketing and digital collaboration products and solutions.

We partner with AlphaScrip for its claim adjudication and pharmacy network management solutions.

As Aprimo’s Alliance Partner, we help clients optimize their marketing and digital asset management technology and processes.

We use AWS’ high availability infrastructure and modern AI / ML services to deliver compliant and reliable services.

We partner with Conversa to remotely monitor, analyze and engage with patients and healthcare consumers.

We support life sciences organizations using Google Cloud Platform and its advanced and scalable AI services

We leverage IBM Watson’s cognitive processing to help life sciences organizations make the most of their data.

We partner with Microsoft Azure for its capabilities and integration into our clients’ enterprise environments.

We partner with Sitecore as an affiliate across web Content Management System (CMS) and digital content solutions.

We help clients deploy their own best-of-breed marketing clouds with Tealium and make the most of their customer data.

We leverage Twilio’s messaging platform to implement specialized communication capabilities into its solutions.

We are the first global partner on Veeva’s Digital Factory Accelerator Program and also provide services for Veeva Vault Clinical Data Management Suite.

We develop fit-for-purpose solutions using Vonage’s (earlied called OpenTok) WebRTC frameworks.
We collaborate with phactMI’s members, including pharma company MI leaders, to drive initiatives that will support HCPs and patients in a rapidly changing world
We partner with Tellius to deliver AI-driven business insights through visual analytics that are comprehensive, easy to access, and ready to use.