As a global organization enabling future ready healthcare, we are committed to becoming the change catalysts for the positive transformation we want to see in society. Our collaboration in education and healthcare helps us achieve this vision. If more people had access to these, it would have a significant impact on individual lives and on entire communities. Our efforts support projects that demonstrate clear purpose and the opportunity to make an impact.


We view industry-academia relationships as critical to healthcare research and have actively sought to collaborate with educational institutions. We have sponsored a faculty chair for Digital Health at Plaksha University, and we are also offering Indegene Excellence Scholarships to provide financial aid to students. Our MS Scholar program with IIT Madras supports research scholars every year for their research in healthcare.


We work to ring healthcare advantages via technology to people. During the midst of the pandemic, we deployed the Autonomous Bot at Bangalore’s first designated Covid-19 center thereby supporting the nurses in some of their work while reducing the risk of exposure. Additionally, we work closely with community health organizations such as Enfold to increase awareness of and promote the prevention of child sexual abuse. We aim to go above and beyond by introducing technology-led initiatives that enhance execution and overall efficiency.

Our Partners