About Indegene

We help drive effectiveness and efficiency while bringing pharma products to market through modern commercial and medical operations by combining deep medical understanding, modern technology, and flexible engagement models.



To be a trusted and preferred partner to global healthcare organizations to improve health and business outcomes



To create and deliver solutions for healthcare today and tomorrow by seamlessly integrating Analytics, Technology, Operations, and Medical Expertise

What drives our people


We're passionate about healthcare. We’re relentless in finding practical and ingenious solutions for our customers. We’re convinced that technology and innovation will carve an indomitable path in disrupting healthcare for the better.


We believe that we’re only as good as we were yesterday, and that real innovation means that we constantly look ahead and build expertise in emerging capabilities that will drive success for our customers tomorrow.


At the heart of everything we do as a solutions company is our ability to collaborate seamlessly across teams in 50 countries, with different academic and cultural background, and diverse capabilities. We believe the challenges that healthcare faces today need collaboration between teams, capabilities, and points-of-view.

Latest News

E–Labeling: Change is Underway
Press Release
23 July, 2020

Alfasigma USA, Inc. Engages Indegene, Inc. to Expand the Promotion of ZELNORM® to Healthcare Professionals in the United States

E–Labeling: Change is Underway
14 July, 2020

Indegene: AI is transforming the pharma industry

E–Labeling: Change is Underway
29 June, 2020

E–Labeling: Change is Underway

 Indegene Digital Summit 2020
Upcoming Event
Sep 25, Oct 2, Oct 16, 2020

Indegene Digital Summit 2020, a multi-week, virtual symposium for senior pharma and biotech leaders

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