What is a webcast?

A webcast is a broadcast of audio, video and powerpoint presentation over the internet. The audio and video from the physical venue is recorded LIVE and is then broadcasted through the internet to all the locations.

What is the system specification to view the webcast?

  • OS: Windows OS any Version, Windows Media player built-in
  • Plug-ins: Adobe Flash
  • Browser: IE or Firefox, Activex & JavaScript to be enabled
  • No Pop-up blockers on the system
  • No Firewall on the system
  • No Content Blocks
  • Internet bandwidth of 256 kbps and above

How to register to access the webcast?

What are the steps to access the webcast?

What should I do if video gets stuck?

If the video freezes or gets stuck during the session, press F5 on the keyboard to refresh the video. Even after pressing F5 if the video does not play then the problem would be with your internet connection which should be checked for internet bandwidth.

How to increase the screen size?

To maximize the screen, change the screen resolution (go to the desktop, right click, click on the Properties, then click on the Settings, then under the display area change the resolution to your desired pixels and click on OK).

Will current webcast be available for future reference?

The webcast will be available in the "archive" section for future reference.

How to get technical help, if needed?

Please send your queries to cmeuniverse@indegene.com