What we offer

Innovative, technology-led, purpose-built, end-to-end and individual development and commercialization solutions from Phase 2 clinical trials to Loss Of Exclusivity (LOE) for a more effective, sustained, and higher peak revenue

Who is it for

Founders, clinical and commercial leaders in emerging biotech companies

Why it’s important

Command a fair share of value from partners

Access much-needed clinical, medical, and commercial expertise

Balance innovation agility with process effectiveness

How we deliver

What makes us different

Purpose-built for emerging biotech

Proprietary technology IP for an effective digital-first delivery

Financial structures tailored to your unique needs

Let’s talk about your unique needs

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Talking to a commercial leader in an emerging biotech company
Solution Type: DT Consulting, Clinical, Regulatory Affairs, Safety, Medical Affairs, Omnichannel Sales, Pricing, Reimbursement and Market Access, Marketing and Customer Experience
Technology Type: NEXT HCP Journey Optimization, NEXT Clinical Trials Design, NEXT Medical Information, NEXT MLR Review Automation, NEXT Commercial Content Intelligence