RWE-driven, patient-centric clinical R&D and market access transformation using artificial intelligence and hybrid trial strategies.

Indegene's enterprise approach allows clients to identify and disrupt components of the clinical development cycle and market value & access, enabling the ongoing transformation of healthcare. Hybrid trials powered by patient-generated data using cutting-edge technologies (digital CRO) are accelerating the creation of next-generation digitally enabled drugs and devices for better outcomes. Our proprietary algorithms and machine learning solutions and services are deployed in client eco-systems to reduce the cost of clinical development by 25% and improve the time to market by 30%.

Indegene Catapult

Indegene Catapult eco-system of solutions and services enable clients to drive a patient-centered clinical R&D and trial innovation as well as market access & value transformation. Catapult incorporates an advanced AI-powered infrastructure to standardize (Common Data Models – CDM/OMOP), automate and enable real-world and other data sources for clinical trial design and optimization, trial operations, patient recruitment and engagement, regulatory submission readiness and market access & value execution.

Market value and access strategies are increasingly shaped by analyzing real-world data and clinical data for pipeline portfolio prioritization, claims prioritization, patient segment identification and to provide value-based contracting for payers. Indegene Catapult allows clients to leverage real-world evidence to enable patient-centric outcome-based pricing models and provide competitive differentiators.

Clinical R&D and Market Access Transformation


Indegene's advanced predictive analytics suite helps derive disease, patient and market insights from real-world data. Our proprietary algorithms create graph-based data models that impact patient journeys, disease characterization, trial design, patient identification, and real-world therapy usage to accelerate clinical R&D transformation and market access strategies. Failsafe's algorithmic models are deployed on client eco-systems to be drive value across the clinical R&D value chain.

Indegene's transformative digital CRO framework helps clients disrupt traditional clinical trial models by leveraging hybrid trials, real-world data based protocol design & deployment, patient identification recruitment and engagement, and automation of clinical data management. Catalyst uses real-world data for trial designs to leverage synthetic control arms, eSource, telemedicine, and digital engagement to change how clinical data and safety data is managed fundamentally, patient engagement is personalized, and patient recruitment is expedited.

Indegene's AI-enabled regulatory content modeling solution and services helps to accelerate time to agency. The solution allows clients to identify origins of submission data, improve data triaging, and transform data into submission-ready formats. Dossier creation, with optimized hyper-linking and book-marking features, is automated in Finish Line using its built-in natural language processing capabilities. Reduction of data redundancy in submission-relevant documents, data transference into the appropriate sections, contextual module authoring, and automated compilation, shifts the focus to rigorous quality checks to reduce time to submission.