India is witnessing a rapid increase in COVID-19 positive cases prompting a preemptive and proactive response by the government. Indegene’s mission is to create and deliver healthcare solutions for current and future healthcare challenges using its expertise in analytics, technology, operations, and medical expertise.

Indegene has formed a dedicated COVID-19 task force that helps in assimilating and publishing clinical evidence collected by Indian clinicians, and with its expertise in systematic evidence synthesis, assists in evidence-based clinical decision-making.

How Indegene Can Help?

Assist in devising COVID-19 publication strategies

Help publish real-world clinical evidence of COVID-19

Assist in evidence retrieval and systematic appraisal of evidence

Translate clinical evidence into clinical practice by leveraging on expertise in health economics outcome research

Cost-effectiveness analysis to provide economically feasible solutions.

COVID-19 Services

  • Development of manuscript from shared data
  • Design and production of graphics (artwork)
  • Polish/rewrite the draft from data shared by author
  • Preparation of submission pack including cover letter draft for the lead author
  • Addressing of journal reviewer comment
  • Submission to journal till successful publication (multiple submissions)
  • Writing, editorial and creative support, and targeted journal submission
Conference abstract and poster support
  • Developing an abstract and poster from the agreed concept
  • Submission to congress
  • Design and production of graphics (tables, figures) if applicable
Statistical analysis support
  • End to end statistical analysis of data.
  • Using the latest statistical software for analysis
  • Selection of appropriate statistical approach based on the research needs
HEOR-related publication support
  • Translating clinical evidence into clinical practice
  • Cost-effectiveness analysis with customized end points to improve patient care
COVID-19 full-text articles/published guidelines fulfillment
  • Full-text article fulfillment related to COVID-19
  • Sourcing guideline documents for COVID-19


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Indegene COVID-19 Medical Professional Support Desk (ICMPSD)