From the first mile to the last

Enterprise Analytics across the value chain to drive collaboration, systems thinking, and human-in-the-loop workflows

Our Analytics Value Proposition and Philosophy

Partner to Modernize Analytics for the Life Sciences Industry

Unlike traditional, old-generation analytics providers known for providing human-intensive data and reporting services with minimal advanced and predictive analytics and little or no machine intelligence embedded in their solutions, Indegene's analytics solutions are defined by lean and agile data and reporting operations overlaid by substantial technology and AI-enabled analytical and computational horsepower. This translates to differentiated value for our clients and manifests as:

  • Enabling higher levels of investment in analytics and insights and less in data

  • Speed of translation from data to insights

  • High-impact decision-making for pharma business problems

Our Analytics Value Proposition and Philosophy

Across the commercial and medical continuum in the life sciences industry, Indegene has successfully partnered with most of the top 20 global pharmaceutical companies and leading medical devices companies to support their analytics needs. Several of our analytics engagements manifest as managed services centers designed to drive not only consolidation, speed and efficiency, but also to enable innovation, continuous improvement and sharing of best practices across the enterprise through a systems-oriented thinking approach.

From the first mile to the last, our solutions straddle the value chain of deriving strategic value from internal, external, structured, and unstructured data.

Outcomes we deliver:

  • Drive collaboration and knowledge management at an enterprise level through reusable analytics libraries, etc.

  • Continuous improvement and systems thinking by identifying opportunities for automation, AI, technology infusion, best practice standardization, and near–real-time insights

  • Automation and innovation through Indegene’s enterprise integration of AI, machine learning, NLP, human-in-the-loop workflows, and enterprise data-lake solutions

  • Predictability through managed service catalogs

  • Worldwide coverage and support through regional SMEs, data sources, regulatory environments, market-specific insights, and HCP trends and maturity

Outcomes we deliver

Technology Tools and Platforms

Our technology investments reflect our focus on automation, standardization, and innovation and have resulted in several proprietary platforms that are helping clients achieve efficiency, speed, and effectiveness.

  • Foresight: Cloud-based enterprise forecasting platform for agile and collaborative forecasting

  • DIONYSUS: Machine-assisted, customizable, web-based competitive intelligence platform

  • SF and MM Optimizer: Flexible self-service solution for SF and marketing mix optimization

  • FIPS (Flexible Insights Platform): In-campaign analytics for SFE and cross-channel performance

  • Indegene Opinion Leader: Cloud-based influencer identification and management platform

  • Preconfigured life sciences connectors to drive agile data acquisition

  • Cloud-based automation of data, intelligence, and analytics pipeline

  • Interactive data discovery and self-service analytics workbench for business stakeholders

  • Automated campaign media and web-tracking enablement solutions


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