NEXT Forecasting - Plan better with accurate forecasts

NEXT Forecasting - Plan better with accurate forecasts


Plan Better With Accurate Forecasts

Healthcare is witnessing accelerated evolution coupled with intense competition, cost pressures, and shrunken timelines. At this inflection point, organizations need novel forecasting approaches to derive the best value for efforts invested.

Introducing NEXT Forecasting, a cloud native forecasting platform, to create accurate forecasts and manage them efficiently to help businesses plan better.

Liberty Clearwater
Liberty Clearwater
NEXT Forecasting - Plan better with accurate forecasts

Here's how we can help you

Here's how we can help you

Here Is How NEXT Forecasting Works

Here Is How NEXT Forecasting Works

NEXT Forecasting is a .NET based... cloud-native forecasting platform, which operates on a secure virtual private cloud with a role-based access. It encrypts data in both storage and transit to enable secure and centralized forecasting.

Being agnostic to cloud infrastructure like AWS or Azure, NEXT Forecasting can be easily integrated with existing client enterprise systems and can connect to reporting software such as Qlik, Tableau, Power BI, etc.

NEXT Forecasting can be deployed either in the client environment or in the Indegene environment (cloud or on-premise)

Here is how its different

Cloud native

Built on AWS for scalability


Single source of truth across the organization


Easy to migrate to and interoperable with existing software systems


Visual model builder, reporting integration, data connectors, and much more

Here are just a few outcomes we delivered


Improvement in forecast accuracy


Reduction in time and efforts


Consistency in methodology

Here is what our customer had to say

"For someone like me who does not spend 100% of my time in forecasting, NEXT Forecasting enabled me to effectively and efficiently build forecast models with minimum time investment for the programs I was tasked to evaluate. It allowed me to spend the bulk of my time running scenarios rather than spend copious amounts of time checking formulas. I found the platform to be flexible, intuitive, and easy to manage with little training."

Senior Leader, Global Hematology Analytics

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Here Is How NEXT Forecasting Works

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