The Customer

The customer is a leading pharmaceutical company with a global portfolio of medicines, vaccines, and consumer healthcare products. They actively engage healthcare professional (HCP) influencers in the field of vaccines, personalizing engagements with relevant curated content.


  1. Lacked an objective-driven approach to engaging Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), resulting in a one-size-fits-all marketing strategy

  2. Limited access to data-driven insights on individual HCP preferences made it difficult to curate relevant content for the engagements

The Solution

We analyzed unstructured data from medical publications and journals, targeting KOLs with expertise in the field of vaccines. Then, we used advanced analytics to mine social media channels to identify common patterns across HCP discussions, opinions, and sentiments. This data was also processed using natural language processing techniques to identify 6 key topics of relevance from publications. We ranked HCPs on specific attributes based on a scoring system, indicating whether or not they met the required KOL criteria.

A Global Biotech Improves KOL Engagement With Advanced Analytics
KOLs identified
Relevant topics recognized
Publications analyzed
A Global Biotech Improves KOL Engagement With Advanced Analytics


The objective-driven mapping approach resulted in a better KOL identification. The customer adopted the next best action marketing approach, enabling them to drive personalized engagements that were aligned to the individual HCP sentiment scores recorded.