The Customer

A top 10 pharmaceutical company committed to improve the quality of life for patients around the world, with innovative and sustainable solutions and initiatives.


  1. The client was looking for an innovative approach for the annual re-certification of a mandatory learning program

  2. The requirement was to send a large number of learners through this completed program, to recertify on the knowledge aspect

  3. They wanted to gauge where the learners are in their knowledge and how confident they are in applying that knowledge

The Solution

NEXT Learning Retention integrates the concepts of spaced learning for better retention using repetition and confidence-based assessments to assess the knowledge and confidence of learners. The platform’s device-agnostic design allows on-the-go access. The gamification features, including points and leaderboards, promote healthy competition. Custom-designed rewards and badges inspire learners to operate at their best and aim for the top spot on the leaderboard.

Data are captured and visualized clearly to show the confluence of knowledge and confidence, providing powerful insights and potential next steps for the learner groups.

A Top 10 Pharma Company Implements a Novel Learning Retention Strategy
Boost in confidence because of better retention
Knowledge enhancement of learners
Learners with perfect score at the end of 3 weeks
A Top 10 Pharma Company Implements a Novel Learning Retention Strategy


  • Over a very short span of 3 weeks, the client witnessed large gains across knowledge retention, recall, confidence, and engagement. The solution gained massive traction within the organization.

  • User adoption within just 24 hours was over 40%. The client was able to achieve higher engagement by 63% within the test span of 3 weeks.