The Customer

Client is a global, science-led biopharmaceutical organization, pushing boundaries of science to deliver life-changing medicines being used by millions of patients worldwide. The client wanted increase prescriptions of it’s existing Type II diabetes drug in the identified whitespace area


  1. Unsegmented universe of 150,000 potential HCPs who were not engaged to drive prescription, resulting in loss of potential revenues
  2. Lack of appropriate infrastructure and KPIs to understand HCP engagements to optimize campaigns 

The Solution

We devised a four-pronged strategy to reduce the HCP whitespace.We first analysed the prescription behaviour of HCPs and segmented into HCPs (i) currently prescribing the brand, (ii) prescribing another variant of current brand and, (iii) prescribing the category but not the current brand.

We then designed and activated omnichannel campaign strategy to activate HCPs in brand’s existing coverage and developed high-impact marketing assets representing differentiated offerings for segments identified at the points of care such as EHR.This helped optimize campaigns in real-time for better engagements and conversions, and also build a data capture mechanism for clients to better understand patient and channel behaviour and drive interventions.

Revenue generated
New-to-Brand prescriptions
Total prescriptions in first 6 months


The client successfully activated 3,000 New-to-Brand prescriptions (NBRx) and generated 56,817 Total prescriptions (TRx) within first 6 months of operations.

This also generated $2.2 million revenue for the brand, and led to increased reach and drove better HCP experiences with launch of complete omnichannel engagements via Email, Tele center, HER, banner ads, programmatic banner ads and articles.