The Customer

Client is a global pharmaceutical company with a vision to explore new ways to improve and extend people’s lives with commitment to deliver better products. The client wanted to commercialize a molecule for treating auto inflammatory rare-diseases in children, which had little awareness among HCPs and patients


  1. Lack of awareness about the symptoms for congenital auto-immune diseases among patients/caregivers and HCPs resulting in slow diagnosis, long patient journeys, and low prescriptions
  2. Inability to identifying right patients due to small patient population 
  3. Goal to drive 1,114 prescriptions through strategic Non-Personal Promotion (NPP) model

The Solution

After segmenting the original HCP pool into focused specialities, we discovered therapy areas that were not covered by client’s field force and identified 30,000 potential HCPs to target. We then integrated patient strategy with HCP engagement by deploying multichannel campaigns for patients to increase awareness and advocacy and for HCPs to address differential diagnosis and shift prescription behavior.

This helped craft distinct patient journeys for congenital autoimmune diseases for faster drug enrolment and successfully execute communication strategy with diverse channels and tactics, specific to identified specialists and patients/caregivers.

New HCPs activated
Revenue in 6 months
New HCP engagements


The client was able to increase awareness about the rare diseases, symptoms and faster ways to diagnose through multiple campaigns for HCPs and patients/caregivers.

The solution also helped increase prescriber base for the drug with 23 new HCPs activated and generated $1.7 million revenue in span of 5 months.

The client currently has ongoing engagement with 12,393 new HCPs among identified therapy areas, with encouraging future outlook in driving prescriptions.