The Customer

A global pharmaceutical company with a vision to one of the most innovative, best performing and trusted healthcare companies and a strong purpose of improving quality of human life.


  1. Expanding coverage of it’s hepatitis and respiratory brands in the emerging space of Community Health Center and county hospitals in China
  2. Loss of sales due to inability in covering doctors in Tier-1 cities (smaller cities) which are vastly spread across in China
  3. Reduced marketing budgets and increase in costs to deploy healthcare representatives in Tier 1 & 2 hospitals of Tier 1 cities

The Solution

We developed a holistic multi-channel strategy for HCPs across (i) enrollment, (ii), segmentation, (iii) engagement, and (iv) content and channel optimization. 

This helped profile and recruit HCPs and hospitals in Tier-1/2 cities, create segments based on mapping of potential and channel preferences, engage HCPs through a suite of channels specific to China such as WeChat, tele, email, SMS and create content adaptive to remote channels. 

We took a data and analytics-driven approach along with CRM integration and Campaign360 to optimize the multi-channel program and predict next best actions to scale up the program.

How a global pharma launched and matured a portfolio in China
Sales growth for hepatitis brand
Growth in brand recall for respiratory brand
HCPs enrolled over 3 years
How a global pharma launched and matured a portfolio in China


The client enjoyed 27% sales growth and improved brand recall from 30% to 51% for 2 Respiratory brands. 

They were able to scale the program with 300% increase in the number of HCPs enrolled in whitespace area for Respiratory brands over 3 years.

They witnessed an 80% sales growth for Hepatitis brand and scaled the program to cover 11,600 HCPs across 966 hospitals. 

They also introduced initiatives for 2 new vaccine brands.