The Customer

Client is a US based biopharmaceutical company, with immunology and immuno-oncology portfolio of monoclonal antibodies. The client was looking to increase the number of patient volunteers for an ongoing phase 3 drug trial against cytokine storms in hospitalized COVID-19 patients 


  1. Short time window to comply with FDA’s requirement to increase number of patients recruited for drug trial from 300 to 500
  2. Filtering out relevant potential trial participants from the high volume of non-relevant website traffic owing to generic interest in COVID-19
  3. Promotion restrictions due to ongoing US election campaigns
  4. Building credibility with patients and caregivers to participate in the trial

The Solution

We augmented traditional CRO model with digital strategies, AI/ML applications, and medical data mining for precise and effective targeting. Engaging data-driven digital campaigns were deployed for diverse patient recruitment based on geography, demography and interest-based signals. 

Hyperlocal campaigns in English and Spanish on search and social platforms with programmatic, lookalike, and re-targeting formats were activated for better reach and engagement among diverse patient and HCP pool. We used our in-house omnichannel CRM platform, built in partnership with Microsoft, for NPI-level HCP outreach geo-fenced within 50 miles of trial sites.

Weekly unique visitors
Qualification rate


The client was able to achieve trial recruitment target as per FDA guidelines within a short duration. They engaged and accelerated conversions and enrollment-volumes of potential participants visiting the landing page with 37K+ weekly unique users and  qualification rate of 17%.

Broader reach, precise targeting, and multilingual campaigns resulted in higher engagement and enrollments of patients for the trial.