The Customer

The customer is a global research-driven pharmaceutical company focused at transforming the lives of patients with cancer through the discovery, development, production, and commercialization of cancer therapies.


  1. The customer wanted to conduct a market impact analysis to identify patient groups eligible for its new soon-to-be-launched second- and third-line colorectal cancer (CRC) treatments
  2. They also wanted to calculate the percentage of additional patients who could potentially move from Best Supportive Care (BSC) treatment to secondand third-line treatments, making them eligible for the company’s new drug

The Solution

We conducted a launch impact study using analog benchmarking models to compare similar drugs approved and provide a projection of the patient pool, thus estimating the new drug's peak share at launch. We also assessed the relative safety profiles to estimate the redistribution of patients across treatment lines. The benchmark analysis helped identify potential new patient groups arising from the discontinuation of 2 existing generic drugs due to safety concerns and updated labelling.

Indegene Acquires Prelaunch Market Insights for a New Oncology Brand
Estimated market share at launch
Of patients under BSC likely to move to the new treatment
Overall patient size identified
Indegene Acquires Prelaunch Market Insights for a New Oncology Brand


The percentage of patients currently under BSC were identified as prospects for the company’s new second- and third-line CRC treatment. They also found that patients who were previously kept under the discontinued treatments were likely to return to BSC, making them eligible for the new treatment.