The Customer

ConTIPI Medical Ltd is an innovator in the field of nonsurgical, disposable solutions for women with various pelvic floor dysfunctions. ConTIPI invented ProVate to treat and empower women with pelvic organ prolapse (POP).


  1. Educating HCPs and raising awareness to patients (~57million women in the US affected by POP) about ProVate’s unique benefits

  2. Limited by in-house expertise on clinical, regulatory, safety, medical affairs, and commercialization processes

  3. Finding a single partner with expertise that provides end-to-end services from clinical to Rx and post-launch vigilance

  4. Planning, scaling, and accelerating launch operations across the US

The Solution

  • End-to-end co-commercialization with shared risk and investment
  • A flexible commercial model for an equitable share of commercial value
  • A committed team with life sciences expertise, a digital-first approach, and a high touch engagement model
Indegene and ConTIPI partner to empower women with POP
60 Million
Devices per year target
In advancing ConTIPI’s mission
Single partner
Across the value chain
Indegene and ConTIPI partner to empower women with POP


  • Accelerated path to meet 60 million devices per year peak sales run-rate

  • Trust in a qualified partner committed to advance ConTIPI’s mission to empower women suffering from POP