The Customer

A global pharmaceutical company with a vision to explore new ways to improve and extend people’s lives. The client had 7 brands in their ophthalmology/PCP portfolio that were in mature stages and was looking for a partner to take over sales and marketing.


  1. Maximize product revenue and increase product writing behavior in market writers

  2. Engage white space targets across the 3 brands leveraging brand equity, market access

  3. Establish a proof of concept for 3 brands within 6 months

The Solution

  • Indegene identified 200k targets in whitespace from Indegene’s 1.8 million HCP database and client database
  • Segmented audience based on Indegene’s proprietary methodology using Rx potential and digital affinity
  • Orchestrated an integrated omnichannel strategy and tactical campaigns based on the brands seasonal trends
  • Content and creative were deployed across 10 digital and virtual channels by leveraging insights from Indegene’s Next HCP Journey Optimization
Indegene Exceeds Co-promotion forecasts for 3 Ophthalmology Brands
3.5 million
$4.2 million
Incremental sales
New brands added to the portfolio
Indegene Exceeds Co-promotion forecasts for 3 Ophthalmology Brands


  • Indegene delivered 3.5 million touchpoints, which resulted in $4.2 million incremental revenue in 6 months that surpassed forecasts. Worked as a self-sustaining partner to limit client burden and infrastructure needs that enabled the client to extend the pilot program to include the entire portfolio.

  • Incremental revenue by brand

    • Brand 1 (PCP/seasonal): $833,172

    • Brand 2 (PCP/seasonal): $1,385,616

    • Brand 3 (Ophthalmology): $2,044,698