The Customer

The customer is a leading pet food and nutrition product manufacturer with over 10 brands sold across the globe. In 2019, the company launched the world’s first allergen-reducing cat food.


  1. Zero brand awareness in the highly competitive US market for pet foods

  2. No channels setup to reach the audience of over 30 million cat owners in the US

  3. Lack of a continued customer engagement strategy that leverages content and social media

The Solution

We strategized and executed breakthrough social media and search marketing campaigns to enhance brand awareness and boost website traffic. Thematic visual design and messaging was implemented, centered around cat ownership to increase customer interactions and brand recall.

Content was devised into 3 types of advertising formats: Static ads, Carousel ads, and Video/GIF ads to generate more engagement from the target audience.

Indegene helps a cat food brand reach 5 million pet owners
Ad impressions achieved
Engagements on Facebook
Average CTR on Google
Indegene helps a cat food brand reach 5 million pet owners


  • The customer was able to achieve a high reach and engagement with customers owing to the campaign yielding greater than benchmarked results in terms of reach, cost per click (CPC), and click through rates (CTR)
  • The campaigns saw over 2500 ad clicks on Google at an average CPC of only $0.40, and an average CTR of 0.69% on Facebook