The Customer

The customer is a global pharmaceutical company specialized in orphan drugs. The company focuses on helping patients affected by rare diseases through the discovery, development, and commercialization of lifechanging treatments.


  1. No analytical insights to compare clinical trial milestones and regulatory approvals across multiple rare disease indications

  2. Identifying potential new market opportunities was difficult due to limited visibility into competitors' data

  3. No clear understanding about the future market potential impacted strategic business decisions in product development and commercialization

The Solution

We deployed a one-stop solution by creating an interactive dashboard that can be used to track regulatory approvals with indication-specific assumptions and historical clinical timelines.

We made key competitors’ data accessible by enabling advanced search filters for molecules based on indication, therapy area, mechanism of action, route of administration, competitor company, and country of approval. We also enabled phase-wise search to retrieve data on early- or late-stage molecules.

Indegene Helps a Global Pharma Monitor Clinical Milestones
Rare disease indications analyzed
Competitor brands compared
Therapy areas discovered
Indegene Helps a Global Pharma Monitor Clinical Milestones


The customer got access to a comparative analysis of clinical trial timelines and indications across competitors, enabling them to identify potential new market opportunities faster. Access to data on anticipated approvals across major markets also helped in the strategic planning of product development and commercialization.