The Customer

A global pharmaceutical giant developing anti-inflammatory products. The client was looking for a partner to grow its market share and revenue for 3 pain relief products.


  1. Stabilize market share for all 3 brands

  2. Drive rapid top-line revenue growth by augmenting field force efforts

The Solution

  • Executed integrated omnichannel campaigns through a marketing automation suite
  • Built customized HCP journeys and channel mix leveraging Indegene’s Next HCP Journey Optimization
  • Deployed emails, brand microsites, social media outreach, and live meeting environments, and fully trained VSLs and MLSs to proactively engage and train HCPs
  • Indegene gain-share model extracted maximum potential across 2 years. Year 1 focused on driving awareness and education and Year 2 focused on driving higher engagements leading to Rx
Indegene Helps to Regain the Market Share for Mature Pain Relief Portfolio
Rx growth in 2 years
$45 million
Incremental sales
New HCPs engaged
Indegene Helps to Regain the Market Share for Mature Pain Relief Portfolio


  • Omnichannel campaigns generated $16 million incremental sales in Year 1. The success of the campaign in the first year compelled the client to realign the existing sales force that led to driving $29 million incremental sales in Year 2

  • Engaged a total of 15,900 new HCPs over 2 years, and secured 56,419 new prescriptions through 10,331 new HCPs

  • Prescriptions grew by 2.3 and 1.9 times weekly in the first and second years, respectively