The Customer

A global pharmaceutical organization wanted to streamline its digital content for brands across North America and Europe.

The aim was to simplify and automate approval cycles across countries, and enable quick creation and assembly of digital assets.


  1. Primitive and manual process for identifying digital assets

  2. No dedicated digital search and discoverability

  3. Poor asset repurposing, and disconnected asset flow across brands

  4. Lack of defined and rule-based components

  5. Poor asset analytics

The Solution

Indegene provided an end-to-end Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution, starting from assessment, consulting, deployment, and maintenance.

We laid down global-regional-local stakeholders alignment and governance-based definitions. Accordingly, our DAM solution streamlined the asset curation, creation, and repurposing processes.

Lastly, we also provided asset analytics for the entire asset creation, repurpose, and distribution processes across the organization.

Indegene Helps Streamline Digital Assets for a Pharmaceutical Organization
Reduction in time for asset operations
Reduction in cost of asset operations
Increase in overall asset re-use and re-purpose
Indegene Helps Streamline Digital Assets for a Pharmaceutical Organization


Indegene’s end-to-end strategy helped in streamlining digital asset collection, curation, storage, tagging, and enabling asset repurpose. Our solution helped the customer optimize their overall content value chain with significant savings on cost and effort, bundled with analytics and reporting.