The Customer

Two pharmaceutical companies share a licensing agreement to develop and co-commercialize an oncology drug in the United States and outside. The drug aims at treating a type of relapsed or refractory cancer called diffuse large B-cell lymphoma. 


  1. A one-size-fits-all marketing approach due to the lack of healthcare professional (HCP) personas and understanding of their journey

  2. Disconnected HCP experiences due to siloed marketing channel execution with multiple partners

  3. The absence of a content strategy resulting in minimal content variety and volume required for brand launch

  4. Field force lacked key insights on customer digital engagements and preferences

The Solution

We leveraged Next Commercial Data Warehouse to create a comprehensive view of HCPs by unifying data across multiple siloed systems. We then devised a personalized content strategy based on HCP personas and recommended third-party channel strategies by analyzing channel constraints and HCP affinity. We designed an omnichannel marketing plan with personalized engagement journeys to move HCPs across the adoption funnel.

Indegene Unlocks 360º Customer Insights for the Launch of an Oncology Brand
Customer profiles unified
Average increase in engagement index
Increase in Next Best Action adoption
Indegene Unlocks 360º Customer Insights for the Launch of an Oncology Brand


The customer witnessed a higher degree of conversion across various stages of the HCP funnel by adopting a personalized omnichannel approach and driving adoption within the field force