The Customer

Merck & Co., Inc. (known as Merck Sharp and Dohme (MSD) outside the US and Canada) is a global pharmaceutical company with 130 years of history, with the main focus on oncology, vaccines, infectious diseases, cardiometabolic disorders, COVID-19, and animal health.

At MSD, Medical Affairs (MA) Operations is responsible as Designated Point of Contact (DPOC) for the management of Medical Information, Adverse Events, Product Quality Complaints, Counterfeit Diversion Tampering, and Feedback Inquiries.


  1. MSD’s Asia Pacific MA Operations had the vision to deliver high-quality customer service, and also free up the bandwidth of in-house MSL and MA teams from query intake and triage

  2. MSD was looking to standardize and implement quality assurance for DPOC global standard operating procedures (SOPs) and KPIs across 12 markets in APAC

The Solution

Indegene enabled a centralized approach to handle all incoming cases and queries across 12 APAC markets, as a business outsourced vendor for all DPOC activities under the MSD MA Operations team. The team ensured resource availability for all language requirements across markets, including dedicated third-party resources remotely for English, and on-site for markets with minority/unique language requirements.

Indegene was able to meet robust compliance standards of MSD’s global DPOC SOPs, local job aids, as well as information security and data privacy requirements. A tailor-made quality assurance (QA) scorecard and monthly key performance indicators (KPIs) assessment mechanism were set up to monitor and measure the quality and performance of DPOC activities.

Merck Sharp and Dohme enhances medical information and case management across Asia Pacific
Monitoring of incoming cases and queries across 12 markets
Major or critical issues flagged during audit and inspection
Merck Sharp and Dohme enhances medical information and case management across Asia Pacific


Indegene was able to drive efficiencies on MSD’s internal bandwidth by providing a competent call center service team to handle the entire DPOC activities, across 12 multilingual APAC markets, and ensuring high quality and timely outputs.

The custom QA scorecard and KPI assessment mechanism ensured effective quality and performance governance of DPOC tasks. Indegene’s ability to enable high compliance, with MSD global DPOC SOPs and local job aids, was proven during several MSD quality and pharmacovigilance audits.