What is Intelligent Content?

An intelligent modular approach that delivers significantly more efficient and effective ways of managing content across the Clinical, Labeling, Regulatory, Medical, and Commercial supply chain. Intelligent Content extensively combines AI and advanced analytics along with deep domain expertise to transform experiences around how pharmaceutical content is created, discovered, measured, personalized, and published in new-age interfaces.

Intelligence Content Platform

The pharmaceutical industry deals with terabytes of content and huge volumes of related documents on a day-to-day basis. Content regulations across markets further complicate the process. Bespoke legacy applications to manage this content result in information silos, inefficient human-dependent processes, long content cycles, high costs of compliance, and longer times to market. Indegene’s Intelligent Content approach resolves these challenges by enabling pharmaceutical organizations to get on an accelerated path of digital transformation, empowering them to create, curate, and manage all content in a centralized manner, automate content life cycles, and optimize processes while ensuring regulatory compliance and faster time to market.

Business Outcomes


Achieve enterprise-level digital transformation of your product labeling data and related operations to achieve simplified, efficient, and compliant label submissions across regulators and markets.

Centralize all existing and new labeling documents onto a single platform and convert them into structured reusable components that can intuitively flow across upstream and downstream labels. Leverage capabilities like assisted label authoring, content lineage, proactive deviation tracking and harmonization, cognitive content search, and regulatory submission planning to achieve end-to-end labeling content management using a single platform.

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Features and Insights

Standardizing, Simplifying, and Scaling Medical Writing in Life Sciences: Intelligent Content Creation and Reuse

Standardizing, Simplifying, and Scaling Medical Writing in Life Sciences: Intelligent Content Creation and Reuse

Enabling faster time-to-agency, faster time-to-market, and exceptionally high gains in productivity and operational efficiencies in developing medical content.

E-labeling - Change is Underway

E-labeling - Change is Underway

E-labels will mitigate a lot of challenges that are inherent to physical labels. When augmented with AI solutions and a robust content management system, e-labeling can be seamlessly implemented across business units and markets.

 Pfizer and Indegene Collaborate to Reimagine Medical Writing

Pfizer and Indegene Collaborate to Reimagine Medical Writing

Sian Ratcliffe, Head of Medical Writing, from Pfizer and Tarun Mathur, Chief Technology Officer, from Indegene discuss how, at Pfizer, content generated throughout the drug development lifecycle is managed using medically trained machine intelligence to accelerate authoring and updating of clinical and regulatory documents.

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