We help customers address big challenges arising from the changing life sciences landscape. These include transforming sales & marketing operations, improving regulatory compliance, leveraging large scale digital production to reduce cost and using technology to transform HCP, patient and customer engagement; sales training effectiveness; digital asset management; and patient health outcomes.

outcomes we deliver for lifesciences

  • Improve customer engagement effectiveness

  • Reengineer creative digital production to reduce cost and increase TAT

  • Improve sales training effectiveness and learning retention

  • Improve productivity across the product lifecycle

  • Ensure regulatory compliance and accuracy

  • Improve patient outcomes


Omnipresence is a customer engagement transformation platform for the life sciences industry designed to move the industry to hyper performing customer engagement by bringing together the power of Microsoft capabilities in Dynamics, LinkedIn, Azure, and Office, while verticalizing them with the necessary compliance needs and business processes specific to life sciences. Omnipresence drives transformation by enabling Sales, MSLs, KAMs with digital tools to help them engage with their customers more effectively and by creating completely new omnichannel experiences for customers. Most importantly, Omnipresence embeds advanced capabilities directly into the platform in order to better understand each individual customer deeply and then deliver unmatched personalized experiences.

A flexible, multi-tenant, cloud-based platform that is scalable, globally available and secure, Omnipresence aims to advance sales and marketing capabilities that have merely been digitized to transformational infrastructure that can truly impact the business model of the future.


Customers expect to be able to engage with life science manufacturers, the same way they do with other industries.

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The typical content development cycle is 8-10 weeks and that just doesn’t jive with modern life.

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It's time to embed insights throughout the customer journey.

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The way of the future rests with bots, AI, Cortana Intelligence, and Azure Machine Learning.

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Our Solutions

Patient Engagement Solutions

Indegene partners with clients to deliver innovative services that drive patient behavior to improve medication adherence and enhance patient engagement. Clients realize enterprise-level productivity benefits by the use of capabilities such as CRM technology, contact center infrastructure, and application of emerging technologies like AI telephony.

Multichannel Marketing

Indegene helps simplify, optimize, and integrate multiple channels of communication to help achieve higher levels of HCP engagement for marketing, sales, as well as medical functions.

Patient Enablement Solutions

Indegene deploys innovative learning, patient portals, social media, mobile apps; and tools to inform, educate, and enable patients to make better healthcare decisions and reduce patient non-adherence.

Brand Solutions

Indegene partners with clients to accelerate the performance of their brand in different stages of its lifecycle through improved stakeholder engagement, more effective product launches and better use of clinical and communication

Creative Digital Production

Indegene specializes in creative de-coupling services that offers life science organizations multi-lingual, multi-format digital factories for brands to realize enterprise scale cost and productivity benefits.

Commercial Analytics

Indegene partners in scale with clients to enhance Competitive Intelligence, Health Economics and Outcomes Research, Information and Knowledge adoption, Data Analytics and Forecasting, and Multi-channel Marketing.


Indegene partners with the life science industry and research partners to deliver real-world outcomes and evidence. Indegene has access to claims and medical record data through its partnerships with health plans, health systems, and provider networks.

Training Solutions

Indegene helps clients transform Training and L&D using Instructional Systems Design (ISD), world-class adult learning methodologies, innovation, cost effectiveness, deep domain knowledge, and state-of-the-art technology solutions.

Medical Solutions

Indegene Medical Affairs practice works with leading life science organizations to improve effectiveness of Scientific Meeting Services, Congresses, MSLs, Medical Information Management, Medical Reviews, and end-to-end Publication needs.

Clinical Data Management

Innovative technology-enabled clinical data management solutions

Regulatory and Safety

Indegene's Extended Enterprise Models facilitate organizations achieve their regulatory/safety goals. Our portfolio includes safety and Pharmacovigilance Services, Clinical Regulatory Writing and Technical Non-Regulatory Writing.

Packaging, Artwork and Labeling

Indegene helps clients leverage a globally scalable and efficient Packaging, Artwork and Labeling Services (PALS) hub that combines clinical insight, artwork production rigor, and scalability-benefits.

Business Technology

With Clinical, Technology and Product expertise, Indegene helps life science CIO offices address enterprise-wide challenges in the areas of SMAC, multi-channel marketing, digital asset management, clinical trial analytics, training, and L&D.

Promotional/Medical Review & Approval Solutions

Indegene offers full-spectrum of promotional/medical review solutions to pharmaceutical and other lifesciences organizations. Indegene has modular solutions including medical review (technical and nominated signatory), editorial services ...