Clinical Data Lake

An open-source, cross-platform-compatible system for performing analyses on disparate clinical data.



Uses prebuilt data, processes, and analytic models based on best practices in planning and forecasting in clinical operations

Enables advanced analytics to reduce clinical costs and avoid resource bottlenecks and empower better decision making

Mines unstructured data to bring out embedded analytics to achieve significant business value





Uniting Data and Delivery

  • Cross-system and cross-trial analyses supporting aggregated reporting and analytics

  • Data and reports delivered seamlessly over the web and mobile on the go

  • Complete view of the study progress via custom reports

  • Real-time analytics and reporting for proactive risk-based monitoring

Big Data Stack

  • Store data cost-effectively and utilize historical data

  • Modular plug and play components

  • Enables data ingestion from multiple data sources using customized adapters

  • Analyze structured, semistructured, and unstructured data with ease

  • OLTP and OLAP for multi-dimensional analyses of data

Analytics and Automation

  • Analyze current and historical facts and make future predictions

  • Enable risk-based monitoring methodology

  • Use predictive analytics to enhance research

  • Achieve a unified and holistic view of the clinical data

  • Self-service reporting modules for end business to analyze actionable data faster