Indegene Health Outcomes

Gathering real-world evidence through claims and medical record review and communicating results to support value demonstration for life science industry clients

In today’s competitive, value-driven health care environment, real-world evidence is critical for life science companies needing to demonstrate a value proposition for their products. To evaluate real-world outcomes and demonstrate product value, data from various disparate sources are sometimes necessary, along with superior clinical and scientific expertise to research, analyze, and interpret the data.

With over 20 years of experience, 500 scientific and medical health professionals on staff, and 300 remote field-based clinicians, Indegene partners with the life science industry and research partners to deliver real-world outcomes and evidence. The clear differentiator Indegene presents is access to claims and medical record data through its partnerships with health plans, health systems, and provider networks. These data partnerships combined with research design and execution expertise have helped Indegene become a trusted partner for real-world evidence and outcomes research.

Indegene Advantange


  • 500+ past health system relationships for access to real-world data allowing for research on unique data sources

  • Distinctive expertise in retrospective medical record review projects leading to efficient implementation

  • Ability to partner with payers and ACOs for research allowing for real-world evidence stakeholder partnerships

  • Customized database product creation based on unique research questions sometimes not answered through traditional claims data

  • Consultative approach to research design, methodology, and communication of results

Claims Data Analysis Observational Studies

  • Claims or administrative data are a rich source of patient information
  • Mining claims data is not only a matter of analytics capabilities but requires deep disease area expertise to drive insights
  • Indegene analytics expertise offers this unique blend of analytics and disease area expertise to offer deep insights
  • Indegene provides health care analytic service to payors in risk adjustment and quality improvement areas
  • Indegene has strong understanding of different claims data sources in commercial, Medicaid and Medicare markets
  • Indegene has experience working with client-subscribed data sets or acquire the data through relationships/partnerships with payors
  • Indegene has SAS/R expertise to analyze large data sets and SQL server, Oracle, for handling large datasets
  • Indegene supports for statistical analysis and publications

Retrospective Medical Record Review Studies

  • Retrospective medical record review studies required when deeper level of insights needed to answer outcome level research questions
  • Expertise with systematic reviews driving comprehensive protocol development
  • Establishment of provider data partnerships and training of sites for EMR access and chart pulls
  • Comprehensive medical record review by trained clinicians
  • Expert-level data analysis and reporting according to protocols
  • Report and iPatient View database development
  • Publication and abstract support

Prospective Real-World Evidence Registries

  • Strong relationship with health system and physician networks in all geographies for easy access to providers and site recruitment /management
  • Robust technology platforms and processes for quick custom development, set up and implementation
    • Solutions incorporating the latest protocols that comply with HIPAA and 21 CRF Part 11 regulations
    • Custom development based on Case Report Forms and Reporting Package
    • Recruitment and Training of Sites including Management of all Site Consents and Documents
    • Continuous Management and Support of Registry Sites for Data Collection and Quality Control

Client Stories