Indegene KOL Connect

Understanding the Physician Better

Indegene has been a leading organization in carrying out end-to-end scientific forums to engage KOLs for gathering customer insights that are helpful for pharma clients to build as well as improve marketing communication

Key Business Outcomes


  • Strong expertise in managing KOLs across the globe

  • Time-tested KOL identification and recruitment protocol

  • Experience of liaising with KOLs to drive objectives around an advisory

  • Draw key competitive insights in line with marketing needs

  • Drive consensus around the use of a product for a specific indication

Indegene leverages its global KOL network in creating forums that help pharmaceutical companies gather feedback around marketing communication and strategies deployed to understand market’s unmet needs and demand. Indegene helps in building scientific forums of clinicians to gather clinical insights about the disease and product across 50 therapy areas.