Indegene Launch Pad™

Understand. Strategize. Deploy.

Leverage Indegene’s rich understanding of local market nuances, clinical expertise and operational excellence to deliver commercially successful launch campaigns

Key Business Outcomes


  • Commercially successful brand launches by building core proposition around product differentiator and unmet needs 

  • Assured above-average ROI

  • Impactful brand launch campaigns designed to understand the consumer insights and changing market needs for continuous improvement

  • Building consistent brand identity reflected in multiple marketplaces across various media

Indegene Launch Pad™ provides an impetus to new brand launches. It has a blend of powerful components that help the brand make the right connections with the right audiences. Indegene partners with its clients in their new product launch journey, from pre-launch planning to post-launch activities, leveraging conventional and unconventional ways such as social media, digital channels, etc. Indegene Launch Pad™ ensures campaign success by pragmatic decision making, strategic goal setting, and deploying tailored solutions as per market and product needs.