Multichannel Marketing Analytics

Design Analytics Framework, Track Performance, and Improve Outcomes

Indegene formulates new strategies and market mix models to help clients optimize and position their MCM initiatives, thus identifying new opportunities and target customers. The ROI model aids in justifying MCM investments.

Client Benefits


  • Optimizing and positioning of MCM initiatives

  • Analyzing the value of MCM campaigns through our proprietary platform “Cmix”

  • Understanding customer activity, journey, and behavior

  • Justifying the return on investment (ROI)

  • Leveraging valuable insights for effective stakeholder engagements

Indegene's MCM analytics services include 3 levels of solutions:


  • Basic analytics reporting: Technical dashboard set-up, real-time data tracking, and standard report generation

  • Advanced analytics reporting: Statistical analysis and customer segmentation based on MCM and early recommendation

  • Content organization and channel optimization analytics: ROI calculation, promotional mix optimization, and content optimization for MCM