Indegene DetailPRO™

Interactive Detailing Experience

An integrated interactive detailing solution with one stop detailing experience for the global pharmaceutical industry.

Key Business Outcomes


  • Building feature rich engagements by novel illustrations, 3D models, interactive tools, video, and animations

  • Deploying a powerful content strategy with seamless content-platform integration for programs in a cost effective manner

  • Integrating CRM to iPad to get real-time data and build analytics

  • Customize presentation for creating personalized experience based on HCPs needs

  • Increase the level of interaction and engagement with the physician

Indegene DetailPRO™, the new age detailing solution enables medical reps to deliver personalized and content rich communication to digital savvy physicians. The solution improves HCP engagement by integrating online surveys, marketing segmentation and CRM thus, at the end closing the loop for a tailored approach to physicians. It helps build meaningful, agile and flexible content-rich engagements with HCPs by deploying digital solutions such as animations, illustration, videos and 3D MOA. Indegene is a leading digital content partner for top e-detailing platforms, ensuring seamless content integration and program execution.